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The Black Mamba

The Black Mamba
There are some who grace this Earth and leave a mark so deep that even saying their name creates a ripple effect in the atmosphere. Kobe Bryant was undoubtedly one of those rare breeds. His name, legacy, insane work ethic and contribution to the game of basketball needs no introduction. His mark on this planet has reached a status of Biblical proportion in our hearts, minds and memory: 5-time NBA champion; 18-time All Star; 4th leading scorer in the history of the NBA; Oscar fucking Winner!; author of five books!; Founder of the Mamba Sports Academy (2018); 3 time MVP winner, 2 of which were finals MVPs and a fierce advocate for women’s basketball. There’s no question what Kobe did on the court was mind-blowing, but it could be justifiably said, that his accomplishments off the court rival if not surpass what he was able to achieve on the hardwood. He gave his life to uplifting those around him —teammates, family and friends - and gave us the blueprint for a mentality that we all know, love and aspire to. 
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