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A Night to Remember: Our First Silent Disco Event in Old Towne Orange

drake vs kendrick silent disco

Last weekend, we embarked on an exciting new adventure by hosting our very first silent disco event on May 18th. The night was filled with the beats of Drake and Kendrick Lamar, mixed seamlessly with EDM and reggaeton tracks. The event was a blast and I had the pleasure of DJing the entire experience. It was a fantastic learning experience, and we're thrilled to share some highlights and benefits of silent discos that might just inspire you to join us for our next event.

The Drake and Kendrick Lamar Dynamic

One of the highlights of our silent disco was featuring the music of both Drake and Kendrick Lamar, two of the biggest names in hip-hop. Their dynamic relationship, often characterized by friendly competition, added an exciting layer to our event. While there's been some buzz about their rivalry, we chose to focus on the positive aspects: their incredible talent and contributions to music. By alternating their tracks, we allowed fans to appreciate the unique styles and lyrical prowess of both artists, creating a balanced and exhilarating musical experience.


Why You Should Join a Silent Disco

1. Unique Musical Experience
Silent discos offer a one-of-a-kind musical journey where participants can switch between different music channels using wireless headphones. At our event, attendees danced to a mix of Drake, Kendrick Lamar, EDM, and reggaeton, all at their own volume preference. This unique feature allows everyone to enjoy their favorite genres simultaneously without competing sound systems.

2. Interactive and Social Atmosphere
Unlike traditional dance parties, silent discos create an interactive and social environment. With multiple music channels, it’s fun to see what your friends are listening to and switch channels to join them. This encourages mingling and conversations about music preferences, making the event more engaging and enjoyable.

3. Noise Control
One of the biggest benefits of silent discos is the ability to control noise levels. Since the music is transmitted through headphones, there’s no loudspeakers blasting sound, which is perfect for venues in residential areas or unique spaces like our vintage comic book store-turned-art gallery. This keeps the neighbors happy while still delivering a vibrant party experience.

4. Inclusive Environment
Silent discos are perfect for people who might be sensitive to loud noises. Attendees can adjust the volume on their headphones to a comfortable level, making the event accessible for everyone. Additionally, the variety of music channels caters to diverse musical tastes, ensuring there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

5. Memorable Venue
Our venue in Old Towne Orange is a 1922 vintage comic book store that has been transformed into an art gallery. This unique setting adds an extra layer of charm and nostalgia to the event, making it a memorable experience. The historical backdrop combined with modern music technology creates a fascinating juxtaposition that attendees won't forget.


Upcoming Events

Given the success and fun of our first silent disco, we’re excited to announce that we plan to host these events four times a year. Our silent discos are free and for those over 18 only. We also provide drinks for purchase to keep the party vibes high. Mark your calendars and join us for an unforgettable night of music and dancing in a truly unique setting.

We can't wait to see you at our next silent disco and share more amazing musical moments together!


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