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Celebrating Prince: A Night of Art, Music, and Community in Old Towne Orange

Celebrating Prince: A Night of Art, Music, and Community in Old Towne Orange
On June 7th, 2024, we transformed Old Towne Orange, CA, into a vibrant celebration of Prince, honoring his legacy with a paint-by-number art workshop that brought together fans and art enthusiasts alike. Hosted by myself and my talented artist friend Britt, the event was a tribute to the iconic musician whose creativity and passion have inspired countless people worldwide. With DJ Pedro spinning Prince's greatest hits, the atmosphere was electric, setting the perfect backdrop for a night filled with music, trivia, and artistic expression. Our collaboration with local favorites, Glazology Donuts, added a sweet touch to the evening, making it a memorable date night for the 40 attendees who joined us.

The highlight of the night was undoubtedly the sense of community and shared love for Prince's music. Participants of all ages enjoyed creating their masterpieces while singing along to classics like "Purple Rain" and "1999." The trivia games brought an extra layer of fun, with winners taking home exclusive Prince merchandise, including a coveted vinyl album. As we painted and celebrated, it was clear that Prince's influence transcends generations, continuing to inspire creativity and joy. This unforgettable event not only honored a musical legend but also strengthened our local community, making it a perfect way to celebrate Prince's birthday. Stay tuned for more exciting events in Old Towne Orange, where art, music, and community come together in perfect harmony.


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